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Get this powerful 18 week program for less than a $1.00 a week!
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This guide is designed to give you the most powerful healing tools to get you back on your feet, FAST.  Your Doctor will be amazed at your recovery speed! And your body will thank you for it!
This Comprehensive Healing Guide will:
    • Cut Recovery Time in HALF
    • Minimize Bruising & Swelling
    • Reduce Scarring
    • Prepare your Body for Surgery & Repair it post Op
    • Reduce the Need for Compression Garments and Physical Therapy
    • Reduce Pain at Surgical Site(s)
All Surgeries, no matter how small, take a huge toll on your body!
Using a combination of beneficial foods, healing beverages, supplements and skin care recommendations, this guide will give your body the specific requirements it needs to heal. 
Also included:
  • 2 weeks of surgical readiness
  • 14 post-op weeks
  • 3 shopping lists
  • And an assortment of healing recipes.
 You get 4.5 months of healing for just $14.99!
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