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Wellness coaching is an ongoing partnership and an investment you make in yourself.  We have a plan for our career or business, a trainer for our bodies, a consultant for our finances and a coach for the kids soccer team.  A wellness coach assists you in creating a plan for your health and well being!   Having a plan means following your vision, mission and values which in turn allows you to produce fulfilling results in your personal and professional life.  

You want lasting results that will enable you to be the most optimal self and your overall well being is key and hiring a wellness coach can assist you in every aspect of your life.  Gaining self esteem and confidence is key to your personal development and if you have a true desire and intention to make changes then you're ready for your own wellness coach.

Are you feeling stuck or overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin? Do you need more information to make healthy choices, or are you drowning in too much information? How many times have you said I’ll start tomorrow” but tomorrow never arrives?

Do any of these statements sound familiar?


    * You know if you lost some weight you’d feel better but can’t stick with a plan.
    * You’ve been thinking about starting or increasing your exercise but can’t find the time to start.
    * You know you should eat healthier but have a busy lifestyle that leaves little time for thinking about food.
    * Your energy tank is pointing to ‘empty’ more frequently than you’d like.
    * You plan to go for a walk but end up crawling to the couch.
    * You want to stop smoking but don’t want to gain weight.
    * Your turning 40–50–60 years old and feel it’s time to make a change in your lifestyle…a change in your attitude…a change in your well being.
Whatever the reason–whether it’s eating healthier, losing weight, exercising, meditating, taking a yoga class or cleaning out your cupboards and closets to make space for new ideas; wellness coaching can assist you to move forward to take action. A wellness coach can assist you by providing a structured environment, accountability for your actions, expert advice in the areas of nutrition and physical fitness, and support to continue with your wellness vision.

Wellness is the integration of mind, body and spirit.  Optimal wellness allows us to achieve our goals and purpose in our lives.
Combining the 7 elements:  
*  Physical
*  Intellectual
*  Emotional
*  Social
*  Occupational
*  Spiritual
*  Environment

Whether you're single, about to get married, just getting a divorce, lost your job or going through any type of change and transition, we all need support and encouragement.  A wellness coach will guide, motivate and keep you focused on what you're going through and will provide the tools necessary to help you get to where you are today, to where you with to be in the future.

The mission of Healthy Being Wellness Coaching is to help our clients establish healthier lifestyles.

Benefits for individuals:

    * Feel better, stronger, younger
    * Increased energy
    * Enhanced emotional well-being
    * Increase in health and longevity
    * Increased self-care with attention to mind, body and spirit
    * Effective life management
    * Health and balance of lifestyle
    * Peace and joy
    * A sense of well-being

When you set your goals, your wellness coach is: non-judgemental, supportive, direct, will hold you accountable and will be that person to inspire and empower you along the way to your most successful self.

Wellness Coaching may be something for you to consider if you answer YES to more than 3 of these questions:

Time for a Change?
Looking for More Purpose?
Ready to Feel More Passion?
Want to Have More Energy and Balance?
Is it Time to Live a Healthier and More Satisfying Life?
Looking for More Purpose?
Ready to Feel More Passion?
Want to Have More Energy and Balance?
Is it Time to Live a Healthier and More Satisfying Life?

It is time to create for yourself a healthy balance of the mind-body and spirit that results in an overall feeling of well-being. Get clear about the unhealthy habits that are keeping you from living your best life! Make choices that provide balance in your eating and actions.  

Think of wellness coaching as your guide. We help determine a realistic plan, the gear you will need to take with you on your journey and the confidence to arrive at your destination and achieve your best self!

Your lifestyle refers to your eating, drinking, sleeping, working and thinking habits; where you work and live; how you deal with stress; how you deal with relationships, and the like. The way you live your life is a determining factor in your health.

Here at Healthy Being Natural Health Services we are ready to meet you where you're at, whether you need suggestions for better eating, creating more time and space in your life or how to change negative and destructive thought patterns.

Healthy Being offers hour long wellness coaching sessions.  The Wellness Coach will evaluate current eating habits and help develop a healthy eating plan to achieve specific health and wellness goals.

(1) 1 hour Wellness Coaching $50


Healthy Being Grocery Shopping Tours

Healthy Being also conducts grocery shopping tours.  A one hour tour that provides healthy advice on navigating the supermarket.  Learn how to stock a healthier kitchen and how to make wise choices when shopping the grocery store aisles.  Participants learn how to make the most nutritious choices available. 

The tour includes very useful information including how to read read food labels, meal planning ideas and cooking suggestions.  Participants will leave the store much more knowledgeable and informed shoppers.

Grocery Shopping Tour (60 min)   Individual $ 75
     Arranged Group Tour  $25 each person

View our calendar for Grocery Shopping Group Tour Dates. 

Pantry Evaluation
As part of our Services offering, Healthy Being recognizes the frustrations of our clients when it comes to maintaining healthy fridges and pantries.  We believe that the root of family wellness really does begin in the kitchen. 

We offer an in home fridge and pantry evaluation conducted by a Wellness Consultant to review the foods available and offer various wellness recommendations.  The evaluation also helps advise clients on how to make better food choices, better organize the cooking space, strategize healthy meals, creation of a healthy shopping list, label reading tips, cooking techniques and food safety.

Pantry evaluation (120 min)   $150
Pantry evaluations require a 2 week advanced reservation. 



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